Small Self-Administered Pension Schemes are the most flexible type of pension arrangement available in the UK. There are a number of reasons for this:

A SSAS can accept contributions from both members and sponsoring companies.

A SSAS can accept pension transfers from all types of UK pension scheme permitted by regulation.

A SSAS can make secured loans to sponsoring companies.

A SSAS can buy shares in sponsoring companies

A SSAS can pool funds for up to 11 people to give a larger fund allowing larger investments.

A SSAS allows a family pension fund with benefits for all family members.

A SSAS allows unallocated contributions to be made by employers which are allocated to members at a later date.

Fees are often lower, especially for multiple members.

A SSAS is a stand-alone pension scheme meaning there is no co-mingling with other people’s money or investments. This gives it greater security.

A SSAS bank account will have full Financial Compensation Scheme protection rather than being a pooled account with only a proportionate share of protection.

Investment within a SSAS can be earmarked for specific members or pooled between them.

A SSAS allows all options for payment of retirement and death benefits permitted by regulation.

Pensions paid via PAYE can be paid through your company PAYE system if you wish to reduce costs.

Your company can pay the running costs of the SSAS which are an allowable expense of the business for corporation tax and VAT thereon can be reclaimed if your business is VAT registered.

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