What is a Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS)

What is a Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS)

A Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) is a self-invested occupational pension scheme established by limited companies (partnerships in some exceptions) usually for its Directors, senior employees and family members.

These ever-popular types of pension scheme are the most secure and flexible available in the UK.

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We offer a complete service, acting as both Professional Trustee and Scheme Administrator thereby removing the burden which some providers place upon the Member Trustees.

With our efficient back-office systems, online access, proficient banking arrangements, dedicated point of contact and competitive costs, we really do stand out from the crowd.


There is a strong argument for establishing a SSAS as opposed to the more mainstream SIPP product. A SSAS has additional protection and investment opportunities not available through a SIPP and a single member SSAS can be more cost effective than a full SIPP or a multiple member SSAS compared to a group SIPP product. Learn More.


If you are unhappy with the service and support you receive from your current provider or you feel you are paying too much, you can move to us. Transferring Professional Trustee and Scheme Administrator duties for a SSAS is not a pension transfer. It simply involves replacing these formal roles and notifying the relevant authorities and investment providers. This can reduce the amount of compliance required in moving the scheme. Learn More.


In some circumstances we can convert an Executive Pension Plan (EPP) to a SSAS opening up the investment opportunities offered through a SSAS. This process is not a pension transfer and is purely a replacement of the Professional Trustee and Scheme Administrator roles whilst adopting some new Scheme Rules. Where a member has protected tax free cash, they would retain this unlike a pension transfer. Learn More.


Where a SSAS provider does not fulfil the role of Scheme Administrator, this responsibility is likely to rest with the Member Trustees. A Scheme Administrator’s role is complex and requires specialist knowledge to carry out the necessary functions correctly, without which, there are substantial fines and penalties. Often, members are not aware of their requirements until a significant stage in the life of a pension scheme such as the retirement or death of a member. We have a wealth of experience in taking over SSASs where there is no professional Scheme Administrator. Learn More.

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